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DO: Hunter Connor by jackettt DO: Hunter Connor by jackettt

Name: Hunter A. Connor
Age: 14 (March 30, 1994)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7"
Nationality: American
Digifragment: Friendship
Digivice: D-Power

Harboring a bit of an abrasive and condescending attitude, Hunter is a rather prideful young girl. She can be quite competitive and enjoys a good challenge if she can show another person up and look good. Hunter also has a bit of a mischievous side, often trying to embarrass others just to make her feel better about herself. Rough around the edges and completely full of herself, Hunter has a love-hate relationship with others who can't do anything for themselves. While she likes the feeling of being reliable, she dislikes having to carry another's weight. Most cases Hunter often sees people as disposable entertainment and very rarely does she consider people friends. But past her superiority complex, those who have earned her trust have also earned her loyalty as she'd give an arm and a leg to those she considers close.

Born in Baltimore, Maryland, Hunter was always the rough sort and never really exactly fit quite in with other girls her age. She had always thought sports and rough housing was more fun, action figures were cooler than dolls, and super heroes were far more fascinating than fairytale princesses. She would often times act to her own accord, assuming a gallant role and haphazardly 'saving the day' from whatever tyranny ran a muck on the playground, to which often many times just lead her into getting in trouble.

Coming from a military family bred Hunter to be quite a prideful kid but also brought along several occasions of relocating to different military bases, making it a bit of a challenge for her to make friends. When she was 7, her family was stationed in Japan for about 5 years. Hunter has always been one to keep up with the latest trends amongst the interests of her classmates, succumbing to things like Pokemon and Digimon when they hit the States. Being familiar with those two titles, at least there was something in Japan for Hunter to get into and preoccupy herself with if all else failed to entertain her in a foreign country. During her time in Japan was around the same time Tamers aired on TV and for a time she got into the card game over a bet that she couldn't win a match with the most experienced player in the class.

After her stay in Japan, by the time she had returned to America, Hunter gained an interest in things like YGO and Beyblade as well, to which was something she was too embarrassed to admit to back in America, knowing that liking those sort of things would be considered as being too nerdy and childish. So she shoved away those hobbies for slightly new ones like actively joining sports and during her free time just play Call of Duty, Halo, or Metal Gear and just yell at people over Xbox Live (which probably isn't any better than playing TCGs but she likes to tell herself it's a step up).

By the time she entered high school, she was more or less just like every other teen treading through their everyday lives. As she was busy finishing up homework one day, her progress stopped when her graphing calculator started acting up and going haywire. Soon after the good ol' let's-hit-it-a-few-times-and-hope-it-works technique, her calculator started to display messages. Despite the first message telling her not to be alarmed, like hell she could and immediately dropped it to the floor. After a few attempts at sucking it up and finally crawling back to her calculator for inspection, she gained enough composure to sit through and read the rest of the messages.

But the ludicrous idea of a parallel digital world in which real live DIGIMON actually existed just made her laugh in utter disbelief, ordering whomever's sending her the messages to show themselves. Not a moment too soon, a burst of light flashed out from the calculator and Terriermon appeared before her, holding out Hunter's calculator-now-turned-digivice to her. A long silence fell and with a yelp, so did Hunter. After finally wrapping her mind around the situation enough to actually produce some sort of coherent response, the first thing Hunter did was shake Terriermon in anger over her lost calculator as $200 isn't cheap.

Reluctantly, Hunter accepted her fate. She's still in disbelief that digimon exist, often times trying to drown out Terriermon's talking and pretending it's all a dream. But she knows that if the Digital World is anything like what she's watched when she was a kid, despite how cool saving the world sounds, she can't help but feel uneasy about the responsibility bestowed to her.

- Thinks Terriermon is cramping her style.
- Had animu crushes on Gary from Pokemon, Matt from Digimon, and Kaiba from YGO HAWHAW
- Thinks Captain America and Dante from DMC are hot too LAUGHS
- Really just a closet nerd but won't admit to it.
- Can speak in conversational French and Japanese.

Digimon: Terriermon
Gender: Female
Fun loving and sassy, Terriermon often times back talks and bosses Hunter around for kicks. Acts like a know-it-all just to annoy Hunter.

Evolution line:
Gummymon -> Terriermon -> Gargomon (locked) -> Crescemon (locked) -> Dianamon (locked)

- Likes playing video games and normally steals Hunter's DS to play Animal Crossing.
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