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IB: Zorro de Drago by jackettt IB: Zorro de Drago by jackettt
Totes open for RP! Just hit me up with a note if you're interested! Preferred method is gdocs but you can also punt me into the chatroom or comment rp too :iconcmonplz:


• Name: Zorro de Drago
• Age: 15
• Gender: Male
• Height: 5'10"
• Weight: 130lbs
• Birthday: June 6th
• Nationality: Italian
• House: Slytherin
• Year: Fifth

• Personality:
A whimsical sort of child, Zorro is tenacious, mischievous, and flamboyantly eccentric in character. He enjoys having fun and takes a great interest in knowing other people's business, whether he's really actually interested or not. He likes being on top of what's up and what's hot. Zorro is a typical case of a child with much potential but is nothing but a lazy freeloader. That being said, he's quite cunning when it comes to slipping out of unfavorable situations or find something more favorable by taking the easy way out. Though he does hold onto some sense of pride, when faced with tense situations, he is spineless and cowardly and gets defensive if anyone calls him out on it. Much to his parents' dismay, he is anything but a typical well-bred pure-blood and is more than open-minded to different things.

• Background: 
Since a young age, boredom had always plagued Zorro in the secluded de Drago household, hidden deep within the mountain ranges of Italy during his early childhood (soon moving to the UK at age 7). Born into a pure-blood family whom prides themselves with their long history work and merit under the Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures with ties of older generations being dragonologists, young Zorro had always taken a great interest in magical creatures. Adventurous and bold, he would always beg his father to take him on cases assigned to him. Obviously, however, due to Zorro's young age, his father had always declined. But as the stubborn child Zorro was, he persisted by staying on his best behavior to prove to his father that he was mature and obedient enough. 

It actually worked and on his 10th birthday, Zorro's father took him and his cousin along with a low level case so long as Zorro stayed by his side. But, of course, after tailing behind his father for more than his attention span could handle, Zorro convinced his cousin to slip away with him for a bit to explore a different path. For the most part, they stumbled along paths with boring and harmless creatures until the two adventurous boys found themselves before a small cave. Naively enough, the two boys ventured in and soon realized they had stepped foot into a small dragon's nest.

The boys were subsequently sniffed out and attacked. Luckily enough, there was only one dragon found at the nest and hadn't reached full maturity. Regardless, the boys suffered from grave injuries before they were found and rescued. Since then, Zorro had developed an intense phobia of dragons and other large beasts. But during his physical recovery and seclusion he was able to find a new interest, muggle culture and society. This, of course, worried his parents but it wasn't too long until he'd be of age to enter wizarding school. And at age 11, Zorro had received his admission into Hogwarts, where his parents had hoped would set their child straight.

And to a degree, so it did. Rather than being shy and skittish, Zorro's disposition bounced back and became a bit of a social butterfly, but didn't take his subjects too seriously unless it was something that piqued his interests. His grades were more or less average but as he began his third year, his parents became more pressuring, wanting their son to excel and partake in their line of work as he once so fervently aspired. But Care of Magical Creatures has only become more of a stressful course than anticipated as the creatures only got bigger with each passing year, his phobia being something he still needs to overcome for the sake of his pride.

• Family:
Dante de Drago (father) - Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (Beast division)
Naomi de Drago (mother) - Department for Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures (Office of Misinformation) 
Ivon LeBlanc (cousin) - 4th year, Ravenclaw

• Likes & Dislikes:
+ Muggle culture
+ Touching people
+ Naps
+ Jinxes and Hexes
- Large beasts
- Dragons
- Reptiles in general
- Dark places

• Elective Classes:
Care of Magical Creatures

• Extra Curricular:
Muggle Art
Muggle Music

• Spells:
Alarte Ascendare - Launches target into the air.
Alohomora - Unlocks doors/chests/etc.
Ebulio Jinx - Traps target in giant bubble that cannot be popped through physical means.
Furnunculus - Target is plagued with terribad acne.
Titilando - Tickles and weakens target.

• Wand Ingredients:
Core: Dragon
Length: 13 inches
Wood: Silver Lime
Flexibility: Quite bendy

• Pet:
Name: Enrico
Species: Ermine
Gender: Male
Personality: A feisty and sly little critter whom is much like Zorro's partner in crime. Rather than being a sort of moral conscience for the boy, Enrico is most often the instigator, leading Zorro to things of possible interest. Enrico is also very affectionate around girls, scurrying over to them and letting his cute appearance steal the show. 

 Additional info:
- Bears large claw scars on his back.
- Has his family's insignia tattooed across his wrists. Because it involves dragons, he hates it and covers it up with bandages.
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