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MZ: Hunter Connor by jackettt MZ: Hunter Connor by jackettt
:iconhuntermz::iconsaysplz: I assure you, I'm more than capable.


Division: Medic

Name: Hunter A. Connor

Age: 24

Class: Senior

Height: 5ft 9in

Weight: 150lbs

Nationality: American


STR: 1
AGI: 1
VIT: 5
INT: 13 (+25)
DEX: 1 (+10)
DEF: 1

whimsical | patronizing | arrogant | sarcastic | blunt | hardworking | stubborn | prideful | strong sense of justice | confident | straightforward | competitive | selfish | egotistical

Hunter was born into a rather conservative family, making some of her views seem rather ignorant or closed minded. That being said, some comments she might make may seem a bit racist. Though she tries to keep an open mind. Since her younger years, Hunter was always a rather rough sort of girl and would always talk back to people just to fire them up. The only ones she would respect would be those she deemed worthy of her respect, primarily her parents and other high standing people in her lifetime. After attending USNA, her sense of humor turned more so into picking on others as well, often teasing underclassmen for kicks.

In many ways, Hunter often comes off immature as her teasing tactics would point to such in its own. Very rarely does she feel much remorse for her actions as she keeps herself at a distance towards other students at the academy with the notion that it's best not to make any close friends around campus seeing as how the future and everyone's fates were uncertain. Due to this sort of mindset, she can come off rather detached, apathetic towards most, and may very well be tacked as a bully.

Most of her teasing, however, comes with good intentions, or so she would claim, as she only really teases people she finds too soft in order to have them stand up for themselves. Even if it's out of entertainment, she views 'pushing people to the edge' or 'putting others down' as doing a good deed so long as people learn from it. If anything, she wouldn't hesitate taking a bullet for somebody if it meant being a hero out of it. She's both selfish and selfless in a variety of ways but she often displays many instances of tough love. The world is a tough place, after all, and a little backbone wouldn't harm anyone, is what she believes. Within the military scene, she harbors a bit of annoyance towards those who are too lax, naive, or don't seem serious enough, student or superior, even if she herself is one to talk. If anything, the only people she seems to like on the spot are those who stroke her ego.

Hunter believes in doing the right thing even if her way about it may seem unconventional. She is an opportunist and a compulsive liar so long as she gets what she wants. She's very opinionated, stubborn, and can come off as self-righteous in certain situations, something she's still retained since childhood but has been able to keep at bay now that she's matured. Rarely does she lose her cool as she finds losing face as a sign of weakness, often times acting high and mighty to cover up whatever faults or feelings she has. Due to this, towards her peers, she can seem rather arrogant and unsympathetic.

In the face of superiors, she is poised, sharp, and on her toes, acting like what a prim and proper soldier should be as it's something that's been drilled into her many a time since even before she entered military school. However, due to the fact she doesn't wish to be trapped in the military for too long, only here because of her father, she harbors a tinge of bitterness and tends to keep interaction brief or to the point with superiors.

Despite her looks and attitude, she's comfortable with her femininity however that doesn't go to say she'll correct anyone if they mistake her gender as she finds it highly amusing to say the least.

Strengths and Abilities: Hunter has always been the type who likes to show people up and impress others given whatever task is asked of her. She isn't one to disappoint when it comes to work as disappointment is failure in her eyes, something she can never let herself fall into. In the work area, she's focused, diligent, and makes sure to get the job done right. As she's technically been in military schooling for 5 years, she knows how to act sharp and is quite knowledgeable in areas not only including the medical field but the battlefield as well. Hunter is also ambidextrous and armed with quick wits up each sleeve.

Weaknesses and Faults: Hunter is incredibly selfish to a fault and seldom thinks of how others might feel. If life were a game and military schooling was just a mere level she has to pass, Hunter simply finds the arena and everyone else as a stepping stone towards her own goal. She isn't around to make friends and she's quite detached from the notion of actually befriending people in this sort of setting if it doesn't come with any sort of benefit. She's also rather scornful when it comes to group work as she thinks everyone else is incompetent, obviously thinking too highly of herself.

tl;dr: she's a little shit.

+ Swimming
+ Forensics
+ Rain
+ Sports
+ Pranks
+ Oreoes
+ Legos
+ Comics
+ Touching people
+ Ice cream
+ Darts
+ Throwing people off with left field questions
- Chemistry
- Birds
- Sprinkles
- Sweat, especially sweaty men
- Public restrooms


Hunter was born in Maryland to the parents of a revered commander in the US navy and a crime scene investigator. From a young age she deeply admired both her parents, finding both their career paths rather glorifying. In turn, both her parents told her it was their duty to protect and serve their country. Growing up, Hunter always indulged herself in doing the right thing and being heroic, often getting in a few scuffles with boys when she was in elementary school.

As she grew older, she eventually grew out of the whole childish superhero phase after a serious talk from her parents about her future. Since then, she buckled down and studied hard while her father would occasionally teach her different combat and swimming techniques whenever he was around. She grew up tough and focused thanks to her father's strict practices and expectations, eventually graduating high school with honors.

Upon graduating, Hunter desired a career as a doctor, idealy wanting to apply straight to a medical school so that she in turn can 'serve' her country in a way that didn't involve things like fighting or war. However her father opposed the path she sought out for, wanting her to go into the navy as he did. Not wanting to argue any further with her father, they came to a compromise that she would attend the US Naval Academy and apply for HPSP upon graduating if she still desired to become a doctor so in that way, she'd be able to serve under the navy as a doctor.

For her first two years she went along with her father's wishes seeing as how there was a slight chance she could make it into the Medical Corps after graduation. But as time went on, she was rather displeased with the academy's lack of a pre-med program and the overall slim chances she had. Upon taking up her concern to her father, he immediately shut her down but this time she argued back after looking into different military academies she could transfer into. In the end, both settled on Academy Milizia for her to transfer into as her father found it convenient that the school had multiple divisions, advising Hunter to at least pay a visit to the academy's navy division on her off time as a medic student. Reluctantly, she agreed to as long as she was able to get some sort of pre-med education in.

Due to the fact USNA doesn't have a pre-med program, she transferred to Milizia as a freshmen at the age of 20. She is now a medic senior at the age of 23.

The attack on the previous campus has led her to become more focused on her studies in order to graduate asap to help out on the field.

Current Merit Count: 9575
Total Merit Count: 61025
Inventory/Stock: M9 (Beretta 92FS) Pistol (weapon), Thermal Vision Goggles (DEX +10), Palm-embedded Cellular Phone (INT +25)

Additional notes:
- Was in choir while she attended USNA.
- Cut her hair short when she first attended USNA to avoid getting hit on by unappealing people (men).
- Every now and then she'll have a pen/pencil/toothpick in her mouth whenever she feels stressed. Trying to quit smoking.
- Wears glasses.
- Knows how to ride a unicycle.
- Was in band during her high school years, played trumpet.
- Birthday is March 30th casually same day as Richard :iconohstopityouplz:
- Blood type: B+
- Voice: [link]
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