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May 18, 2012
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Milizia: Richard Williams by jackettt Milizia: Richard Williams by jackettt
He grew up :icongtthplz:


Division: Medic

Name: Richard Williams

Age: 21

Class: Commander

Height: 6ft 2in

Weight: 184lbs


STR: 18
AGI: 18
VIT: 28
INT: 24
DEX: 10
DEF: 15


Richard is an easygoing fellow who tries his best to be enthusiastic and friendly to ensure everyone around him is having fun and enjoying themselves. He takes much joy in the happiness of others and wishes for a positive atmosphere wherever he goes. He dislikes conflict and would rather negotiate instead of physically hurting anyone. Although Richard may be playful and cheery, he's not one to naively overlook the big picture and takes time to put things into perspective. Richard is a team player but he can also be rather competitive when a challenge is proposed to him. When he isn't blinded by the thought of winning, he's very sensible but it's also his competitive nature and inner necessity to prove his worth that makes him very diligent when tasks are asked of him. He's compassionate and puts other's needs before his own, his diligence and willingness to serve others often being a grave source of stress. Richard is very self-critical and sensitive to criticism, often times falling into depression if his work ever falls short or if someone else points out his mistakes.

+ Dogs
+ Music
+ Hot chocolate
+ People
+ Cooking
- Cameras
- Failure
- Seeing people hurt


Born in Cuba, he was placed in an orphanage not too long after his birth. Adopted by a strict American military family at the age of 4, he became the perfect son in order to please them. Smart, athletic, obedient, and oozing with potential. He graduated top of his class and entered one of the top universities in the nation.

However, after moving out for college, he abused the freedom his parents gave him. Richard started hanging out with the wrong crowd, drank illegally and experimented with drugs. Eventually he got kicked out of college after his first term. He got into a DUI hit and run, crashing into a car with a mother and son, severly injuring the boy and leaving him in a wheelchair. After the indecent, his father forced him into Milizia to straighten out his reckless behavior. Richard decided to apply under the medic division in order to atone for his crime.

Ever since applying to Milizia, Richard has cleaned up his act and focused on his abilities to get ahead of his classmates. After his hard work during the first mission, he was appointed as Officer of his division. As second semester rolled in, he worked diligently along side Commander Wulfram, often helping him with lessons and paperwork. All was well as he was to go up a grade level after the amount of work he has done until Milizia went under attack. During the mission, he aided the infiltration teams in their effort to disable the bombs that threatened the academy. However, the mission ended unsuccessfully as Headmaster Pride and the rest of the Commanders came in to clean up the mess.

After the whole fiasco, Commander Wulfram went up to Richard, explaining that he would take leave from the academy to aid troops on the battlefield instead of sitting around idly. It came to the Commander that he would be more useful out there, thus entrusting his position as Commander to Richard after months of working together, seeing as he has enough potential to succeed. During the limited time they had left together, Commander Wulfram put Richard through a rigorous training course to prep him up, learning all the necessary skills to teach the students on his own. It was a rough training period for Richard, but he managed to come out of it alive. Though with little teaching experience under his belt, he gained the knowledge and skill Commander Wulfram had hoped his young pupil would achieve. Commander Wulfram was confident Richard had what it took to impress the Headmaster with his work ethic to officially earn the position.

After a long, grueling process, and much to Headmaster Pride's dismay, Richard was promoted to Medic Commander.

He is still under Wulfram's orders concerning surgical procedures and other practices, merely serving as a stand in/brigade commander.

Current Merit Count: 0
Total Merit Count: 23675
Inventory/Stock: Stainless steel SIG Sauer P226 (weapon)

Additional notes:
-Secretly likes cute things like small animals and stuffed toys. He's a real dog lover.
-Birth name is Juan Santiago.
-He wears a green lightsaber earring from one of his old friend's, JJ.
-His natural hair color is dark brown. His hair is only bleached blonde.
-He's not very photogenic.
-Was studying to become a pediatrician, has a soft spot for children. Tends to baby those who are significantly shorter than him because of this.
-Sense of chivalry. Very polite and helpful around girls. Tends to address them as Miss or Princess.
-Bad eye sight from studying too much when he was younger. Normally wears blue contacts. His natural eye color is brown.
-Speaks Spanish fluently.
- On his right hand, wears a black ring on his thumb and a silver ring on his pinky. Wears three necklaces hidden under his shirt. All were gifts from friends/hold some significance.
-Birthday is on March 30th.

Milizia: Richard by jackettt Milizia: Richard Williams by jackettt
old app, look at how much my stupid boy's grown up :icontearplz:

Feel free to note me or pop into the chatroom if you wanna RP :iconheeplz:
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