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VT: Admiral Starlock by jackettt VT: Admiral Starlock by jackettt

:iconsaysplz: It's time to show the world what you've got.

Name: Orion WR Starlock
Age: 44
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Country: ??
Element: Dark
Faction: Quasers
Rank: Admiral
Str ?? / Mag ?? / Vit ?? / Spd ?? / Sp ??/
Weapon: Double ended spear/arm shield (powersuit)

Vessel: Polaris, powersuit. Rarely leaves the base but when he does, he normally gets around using his powersuit.

Expertise: ass kicking

Impulsive | determined | progressive | blunt | hardworking | strict | sarcastic | rough | idealist


Was raised by one of Ragnelia's great commanding generals, Starlock was destined to a path of leadership one way or another. As a child, he was very diligent with his studies, continuously curious about how everything works, breaking things apart to only reassemble them again just to figure things out for himself. As his skills and knowledge grew over time, he continued to tinker with things, making them better than before.

His father would often help him with self-defense training seeing as how it could prove useful later on in life. Starlock picked up fast on everything he did as he's the type to dive in head first and really get into whatever he'd pick up. During the time he wasn't training with his father, he'd often pay visit to several different mechanic shops, grabbing different scraps here and there to make whatever he can out of them.

When Starlock turned 18, his father brought him to a secret developmental facility, showing him a vast array of vessels far different than any standard import airship he's seen. His father then explained how he was the leader of an underground organization that aimed to use these vessels to help unite all the countries again, calling for a new world order in which everyone can live together in peace once again. Flying through the great skies to gather as many recruits for their mission, garnering as much interest as possible to make it happen smoothly. His father's dream of having everyone become equal caught Starlock's eye, despite how idealist this goal was, it was admirable seeing as how there were no ill intentions.

Since then, he helped his father with small rallies as well as learning how to pilot an airship himself. They would travel to the neutral land and board along other allied ships to different countries to spread their word.

One day, a captain from Ragnelia's militia caught wind of his father's ship hopping to other countries and ratted him out. Accusing him of treason and conspiring against the government as it is illegal to travel to different countries, Starlock's father was thrown into prison.

Not wanting to let all his father's work go down the drain, he hid for awhile to rethink a different course of action and thus, after several years with the help of close comrades, he was able to build the organization back up under the name of Quasers.

Of course, this is the story he claims is true.

Extra info:
-His mannerisms towards others seem rude as he doesn't hesitate to literally push and shove others around. But that's merely his own brand of tough love to make sure his underlings have some backbone.
-He spends much time tinkering with different machinery while he stays stationed in Polaris. He's rather skilled with his hands and has fast reflexes. His hand-eye coordination's quite impeccable.
-Would rather take a hands on approach to things, normally diving in head first to get the job done quickly. Gets rather impatient if things take too long and won't hesitate to jump in and do the job himself if others fail to meet his expectations.
-He has rather high expectations and standards for all his recruits and personnel. Will constantly push them forward so that they can reach his expectations.
-Doesn't hate EK leader but thinks his plans are a hindrance towards Quaser ideals and goals.
-Enjoys a good spar every now and then.
-Though he seems like a total asshole, he knows how to joke around it's mostly just bantering though /shot
-Has no hate towards dragons and respects them to a degree. However he shows no mercy towards dragons who are aggressive and will take one down without a second thought if it were to attack first.
-Good with technology and helped develop most of the weaponry Quasers have to offer however he's quite clueless in regards to proper names of parts and what not. Pretty much only knows how things work because he took it apart and put it back together.
-Blue-gold heterochromia.
-Voice: [link]

Skill: Iron ram
The sides of his arm shield pop out and extend forward like pincers as he rams into his opponent, piercing them with the edges as the hidden barrel compartment fires out energy blasts.

Skill: Decrux
Arm shield transforms, extruding spiked tips at the edges as it pops and starts to spin on the axle of his powersuit, turning into a large chainsaw. Slices up the enemy with both this and his spear.

Skill: Absolute zero
Dark matter forms around his hand. If caught under his grip, motion of all atoms and molecules stops and no heat is given off, thus freezing his opponent temporarily.

Skill: Aurora magnitude
A large mass of dark matter is formed in between his hands as he claps them together to create a large explosion of light that blows him back but can temporarily blind those within the perimeter.

Special: Quasi-sphere
Creates a black void around the area that sucks out all of the oxygen within its perimeters for a number of seconds before pushing the air back out in a destructible gust of wind. Skill is quite dangerous to himself if he isn't in his powersuit.

Special: Gravity crusher
Encased inside a void of dark matter as it expands out through the area. Anyone caught in this field experiences a gravitational pull that's strong enough to crush bodies to the ground. The forces varies in strength as the move lasts, the pull only getting stronger as the skill draws out. However, the skill affects him too and he can only hold it up for as long as his powersuit can withstand the gravity.

Has a variety of other skills though they unknown at the moment.
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Harpessdragon Featured By Owner Apr 24, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
So what program did you use to make this?
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Very cool.
dashima Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012

well anyways your paintings really improved i like the coloring on the pants and such a lot
jackettt Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
I wasn't kidding when I said Polaris is secretly a transformer :iconminghideplz: SOMEBODY'S GOTTA MAN THAT SHIT AFTER ALL.
dashima Featured By Owner Jul 6, 2012
so like what if someone was sleeping in there and it just transformed into that secret transformer
LOL bad day...
dashima Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012
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XxWhimsicalxX Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
omg he looks amazing. The coloring is great!
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pfft, I accidentally read his skill as Iron man, instead of Iron ram LOL
jackettt Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2012  Student Digital Artist
LMAO same difference, he flies around like Ironman anyway :icongtthplz:
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