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VT: Drunken Bastard by jackettt VT: Drunken Bastard by jackettt
IDEK finally submits this here for reasons lmao had this festering in stash for months.


Name: Gavin Rios
Age: 34
Gender: Male
Height: 6'3"
Country: Kandera
Element: N/A
Faction: Quasers
Rank: Commander
Str 175 / Mag 0 / Vit 125 / Spd 200 / Sp 0/
Weapon: Lightning imbued revolver x2 (Sonya and Diana)

Vessel: Destroyer airship (Helena)

Expertise: A complete speed demon. Totally reckless but sturdy, best for front line attacks. Also drinking all of the alcohol Polaris has to offer.

r00d | impulsive | blunt | rough | lazy | short-tempered | sarcastic | egotistical | selfish | seemingly drunk 24/7


Orphaned for as long as he could remember, found the jungles of Kandera to be quite cozy while growing up. Daredevil at heart, likes to push himself beyond his own limits. Gets a thrill out of danger and adventure. Typical Robin Hood character and ended up stealing things here and there, first for himself then eventually gave out whatever to others in impoverished areas. Has a distaste for the upper class society and overall just rules in general.

Eventually did the craziest thing in his life and stole a merchant airship and set out to the skies on his own, hopping through different countries and doing the same thing he did in Kandera. He's quite selfish, taking most of whatever loot he can get and only giving what didn't tickle his fancy to others (but hey at least its something, right?). Eventually became a wanted man in all countries with a bounty on his head. Starlock managed to get a hold of this guy and negotiated with him to bail him out only if he'd join Quasers. Starlock saw potential in Gavin (seeing as how he can't be too much of a bad guy if he gave out shit every now and then) but didn't take too much of a liking to his rebellious attitude and made him go through basic training to try and straighten him out. Being the determined fucker Gavin is to show Starlock a thing or two, he quickly rose up the ranks and is currently Commander.

As a leader, Gavin is strict, harsh, and rough. Won't hesitate to smack or punch anyone who talks out of line. Quite irritable and has a disliking towards Starlock, thinking he's way too soft on recruits. He speaks in a loud, commanding voice and is rather rude. Doesn't have much respect for anyone else unless you’re a lady but even then, he's still on asshat level. Isn't around Polaris much because Starlock often sends him out on scouting operations.

Extra info:
- He's illiterate
- Doesn't give two shits about Quaser ideals
- Actually doesn't give two shits about the whole war
- Did I mention he hates Starlock?
- Has little value towards his own life so he's living it out by being a complete dick
- Wears shackles at his wrists that he can't take off until his debt his cleared. Starlock often uses them to electrocute him if he ever steps out of line.

Skill: Wild storm
Unleashes a multitude of lightning blasts from his revolvers in a wild frenzy. Can hit anyone at random including comrades.

Skill: Blitz fuse
Shoots himself with lightning to up his speed.

Special: Tiger blood
Advanced form of Blitz fuse and only activates if he shoots himself enough times to lose a considerable amount of blood. The result is a berserk state in which he can attack with rapid speed. Will attack anything that's in front of him until he passes out.
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OfTheBlessed Featured By Owner Oct 24, 2013
His element is alcohol.
Lieutenant-Down Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012  Hobbyist
:iconduuudeplz: Gavin

Those :iconhesayplz:
ophiurida Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
Dang Jackettt, I swear you always make either the most handsome men, or the sexiest. UvU I love how varied your body types are.
sirblckbrd Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
always remembers pussyfoots
vectorsmash Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
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vectorsmash Featured By Owner Nov 15, 2012
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